Dear Mrs Chopra, I am a member of the students at Genazzano College, where you presented this morning. As I left the auditorium today, I couldn’t shake the nagging voice asking why I hadn’t come to thank you afterwards. I felt so inclined I should that I returned minutes later hoping you hadn’t left yet, which unfortunately you had. Thus far in my schooling, and with extracurricular activities, I have been addressed by a magnitude of speakers. I must admit, I have become somewhat cynical as to what relevance or impact many speakers will generate. This is probably why you superseded my expectations in every regard today. I cannot express how intriguing, relevant and refreshing I found your presentation. I found elements within your speech that had been of personal concern to me towards the development of our society for quite some time, and yet could not articulate. You have given me both the context and words to express these perspectives. At the risk of sounding young and naive, you have reaffirmed for me, the fickle nature of media outlets, and I was particularly moved by Randa Abdel-Fattah’s poem. I find you such an intelligent, articulate and yet warm and gracious speaker, who is clearly at ease in front of an audience, remarkably not losing a fraction of the interest level amongst the girls throughout the entire hour (which I can assure you, is a nearly impossible feat with an audience full of adolescents). It did not sit well with me that I failed to thank someone who spoke with such pertinence, and moved me in such a fundamental way. I only wish I could have delivered this to you in person. I will be eagerly following your undertakings in all areas for a while to come! Your perspectives and work intrigue me. I am so thankful for the opportunity to listen to you today.
We felt that your keynote presentation was spot on. Your perspectives were unique and an integral part of the story we were trying to tell over the weekend. It was an enriching experience for all those who attended. It left the delegates feeling inspired and motivated. In addition it has given them some of the tools required for bringing about health equity in more collaborative way.

Your name was mentioned quite a few times in the post conference evaluation survey in the highlights section. Here are a few comments below:

“I found that I learnt quite a lot from the keynote speakers and really felt engaged by their stories, in particular Tasneem Chopra, who conveyed her experiences as a muslim woman from a perspective we don’t generally get to hear in the media.”

“Tasneem Chopra – eloquent, passionate, inspiring”

“Dr Bruce from VicHealth, Tasneem Chopra and their panel on gender equity was excellent”

“I also found Tasneem Chopra incredible. She is such an eloquent, inspiring and strong woman who spoke perfectly about identity and discrimination with elements of gender inequity as well.”

Global Ideas Forum , August 2016
The feedback from students and staff to your presentation has been extremely positive. It was delivered in such a warm manner and it really challenged all in the audience to think about a range of factors and issues, and their own beliefs.
James Brown, Head of Senior School, Carey Baptist Grammar, March 2015
On behalf of Food for Thought Network heartfelt thanks for accepting our invitation to be our guest speaker at our IWD day event, celebrating 15 years of Food for Thought in partnership with Manningham City Council.

Your knowledge, your confidence and delivery were commented, appreciated and celebrated by all. You did an outstanding job. Thank you.

Varvara Ioannou, FFTN Director , Food for Thought Network, March 2016
Thank you for coming in and speaking so eloquently. The students really engaged with the presentation. Jay mentioned that she has had a number of students come up to her with positive comments about your presentation. I’ll be in contact at the end of the year about booking some times for 2017.
Year 11 Cohort, Brunswick Secondary College, July 2016
“Tasneem Chopra has now twice played Master of Ceremonies at the Possible Dreams International annual dinner (2012 and 2013). With characteristic poise, wit and compassion she helped to create a mood at the event which captured the poignancy and deep hope of PDI’s work in SubSaharan Africa. Tasneem brings an articulate vibrancy and unassuming generosity to her presentation. Her stage presence is a beautiful amalgam of confidence and a complete absence of pretense. As Master of Ceremonies, Tasneem deftly challenged the audience to find the richness and meaning behind the various performances throughout the evening as well as constantly reaffirming the soul of the work which was being honoured. Dignified and delightful from beginning to end, Tasneem’s presentation was a highlight of a truly memorable evening.”
Dr. Maithri Goonetilleke - MBBS/BMSc/BSc(Biomedical),
Executive Director
, Possible Dreams International, Fundraising Dinner, 2012/2013
“I loved the way Tasneem peeled back the layers of stereotyping and perceptions that inhibit all of us.  I appreciated the open, personal way in which she shared her experiences and knowledge”

“Please continue your talks; they make difference”

Ramadan Dinner Presentation, Judicial College of Victoria, August 2011
“Brilliant presentation  – fantastic speaker”

“When I hear of another session like this, I wish to bring friends along who could gain much by learning this information”

“I would like to provide similar opportunities for others- students in schools, parents, spread the word and break down the ignorance”

“Tasneem is a brilliant speaker –thoroughly engaging and very relevant”

“Excellent presenter-easy to follow, she was respectful to her audience”

“This presentation should be part of every school curriculum”

“Outstanding! Thank you Tasneem, it was insightful,, done with great humour and thoroughly engaging”

“Overall, the session was excellent – Tasneem was warm and engaging and easily shared anecdotes about her life.  There were lots of questions and a warm bubble of interest from the participants. Tasneem’s use of language and concepts was brilliant”

Understanding Islam Seminar, Fitzroy Learning Network , August, 2005
“This has decreased some of my own stereotypes that I wasn’t even aware of –it will help the way I treat clients re women’s health issues”

“Enjoyed Tasneem’s candour and humour and intellectual language”

“Enjoyed the speakers warmth and humour. Easy to listen to and very informative”

“Very accomplished speaker –enjoyable while thought provoking”

“just wish more people –whatever their religion, were like you”

“Couldn’t recommend this speaker highly enough”

“It has been one of the best sessions I have seen in recent years. Very educational, thank you. Tas is  a great presenter, very articulate and obviously knows her subject material”

“Please continue your talks; they make difference”


Diversitat Training,, Unraveling the Myths, 2008/2009
“Absolutely wonderful speaker – dynamic and insightful. More please!”

Child Protection Unit,, Department of Human Services, 2005
Huge thanks for spending good time with our Creative Leadership Program alumni last week! You gave them plenty to think about – both in the leaps that your own career has made across arts and culture, and also, in the complex ways in which you negotiate leadership and representation. Also, lady, you’ve got a lot of style in the way you share your insights and inspire reflection… So important for these ladies to see, and lots of learnings for me too.
ESTHER ANATOLITIS, Regional Arts Victoria, Sept 2016
A guest speaker we had arranged for our end of semester keynote address to our second year students in the Bachelor of Arts International Studies fell ill the day before the event, leaving us in a last minute pickle. Fortunately for us, the speaker suggested Tasneem Chopra as an ideal replacement. I called Tasneem at very short notice and asked if she would give the keynote address, and we were very lucky that she was able to oblige. I was thoroughly impressed at Tasneem’s ability to prepare with just a few hours’ notice, and to deliver an outstanding speech. She is a true professional! Many students commented afterwards that Tasneem’s words had moved and inspired them, and that they felt very lucky to have had the opportunity to hear her speak.
On August 4th , cultural consultant and activist Tasneem Chopra gave a talk to the Year 12s about cultural diversity, multiculturalism in Australia and the way in which the Australian Media portrays this. Tasneem was passionate, intelligent and considered in her presentation which provided valuable insight into the perspective of a Muslim Australian. We all gained important knowledge surrounding issues such as distorted media images and racism. Additionally, this presentation is highly relevant to our area of study in VCE English of ‘Encountering Conflict’, and is a great lead in to our next text, A Separation, which explores similar issues of cultural difference and adversity. Tasneem took a measured approach throughout her presentation, informing us of her perspective and illustrating concepts in a way we could all understand and benefit from. Tasneem was glad to answer the number of questions concocted by the inquisitive minds of the Year 12 students, and we all benefited greatly from her presentation.
H.B. , Kilvington Grammar, July 2016
I just wanted to thank you for been a speaker at Women Showing the Way forum. The feedback from the students was excellent and especially the comments from them about your talk were excellent. I have put some of their comments below for you.
· Tasneem was my favourite guest speaker, she was engaging and inspiring
· We need more speakers like Tasneem
· The Women Showing the Way conference was a great experience to take part in and there was a good range in the speakers. The women were incredibly interesting, empowering and inspiring
· Tasneem – WOW 5*, I just wanted to hug you that whole time – holy moly!
· I have been through a tough time and the speakers have really inspired me. Tasneem was amazing
· I enjoyed the diversity of the guest speakers
· I enjoyed how Tasneem used humour in her talk
'Women Showing the Way' Forum, City of Greater Bendigo, August 2016
“…the women were in awe! The take away quote for the day was ‘don’t just set the table make sure you have a seat at it’ you should patent that!! Cause I’m using it from now on!”
Romany Amarasingham, 'Women Empowering Women', City of Hume, June 2016
We also received quite a few additional comments on the “wonderful panel with diverse experience and in-depth responses” and I’ve heard verbally from several people about how articulate, humble and interesting all the panellists were, as well as comments around the skilled facilitation.

So once again thank you for the beautiful way that you’ve all come together and I sincerely hope that I will be able to work with you all again in the future.

Social Cohesion Panel Facilitation, Red Cross Oration Event, Sept 2016
“It is always a pleasure to see a program with “MC: Tasneem Chopra” on it. Tasneem’s witty, warm, inclusive style puts guests and speakers alike at ease. Her fierce intelligence and immaculate elegance make for a charismatic package that smoothly steers an event from opening to conclusion. She is always a drawcard for me.”
“Everyone who attended found the information very interesting and helpful. They also commented about the importance of having a more rounded image of a religion and culture that seems to be one sided in the media.”

“This was a terrific program event and in particular, your session provided a wonderful opportunity to discuss complex issues in an open, frank and engaging way. I know that participants really valued your personal wisdom and experience, as well as your insights around ’identity’, and contemporary Australian society.”

“Great session and privileged to hear Tasneem’s personal story. What stuck with me were the statements: “Bad things happen when good people say and do nothing”. And “Seek the good where you find it”.

“For me, Tasneem’s presentation reinforced my understanding and tolerance of cultural and religious diversity”

“Leadership can be demonstrated through a variety of approaches, but the speaker showed that having a passion for what you believe in, as well as having a “can do” attitude, can make all the difference”

 “Just a fantastic opportunity and a most impressive speaker”

“Clear. Factual. Insightful. Islam 101 basic overview is enough to understand basic concepts. Much more effective than any media program”

“I very much enjoyed the presentation. I appreciate the complexity of ‘Understanding Islam” and conveying this to a room of strangers”

“Great to understand the various diverse views. Beautifully explained Fantastic speaker – articulate and very impacting and very informative, it told me lots of things I didn’t know. Thank you”

“Thank you for a very informative and thought provoking session.  I appreciate the anecdotes and found many of the facts completely dispelled current “myths”.  This session was clearly presented by a very articulate and knowledgeable speaker –thank you. It as refreshing to hear balanced views of the Islamic faith ad the diverse cultures and lifestyles of Muslims”

“Excellent speaker. Comprehensive coverage of information. Many myths dispelled. Great t hear a humorous side of things without undermining the message. Great to hear a personal account of a woman’s experience of Islam  Thanks for putting this speaker on tonight and for opening this up to the community.  Events such as this go a long way to break down media stereotypes that cause fear and ignorance to persist”

“Tasneem I found your talk informative, articulate and reflective of your spirit and warmth of personality. Thank you very much”

“Tasneem was an interesting and engaging speaker. Obviously an intelligent woman.  I particularly enjoyed her presentation of issues on Muslim women”

“Very insightful and presented in a way that made it way to absorb the information.  Tasneem is terrifically engaging. Re-runs of nights like this will be critical – whether here or in the wider community-to continue the demolishment of stereotypes and misconceptions.

Understanding Islam Seminar, 2005
“The staff found the discussion really stimulating and helpful. There was quite a bit of positive response room the Year 11 students too. You have a very warm and open style and are able to communicate lots of information very effectively.  You spoke with great fluency, insight and sensitivity.  Thank you for giving our young people this chance”

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