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Drumming up Controversy

I solemnly swear we’re up to no good 😁 Fun times with the brilliant Catherine McGregor ahead of last night’s@abc_thedrum. Great conversation on education funding bias, #KarinPhelpsGate, veterans returning to work, wedding singers, dredging the Endeavour, the AMA lobbying the PM to bring sick families from Nauru to Australia and calling on the PM to release the Ruddock paper #tasneemchopra #crossculturalconsultant

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Fighting the Fair Fight

I was delighted to facilitate a public forum, ‘Your Rights at Work’ last in Craigieburn tonight. This event was organised courtesy of the Oorja Foundation in partnership with Maurice Blackburn (MB) and the National Union of Workers. This was an interactive forum for the community, particularly those from South Asian backgrounds, to understand their rights at work and services to access if they need help. The historic cases of newly arrived migrants and students, exploited [...]

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Cultural Competence In Corporate Settings

This morning I presented to a Corporate recruitment firm on the merits of diversity in the workplace. I canvassed the moral and fiscal imperatives of centring inclusive practices in their strategic planning. More importantly, I stressed that any policy commitment to effect change in workplace culture must occur in tandem with organisational will, else be redundant. I was grateful for a warm and engaged audience who appeared to want to further their organisational capability to [...]

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#MeToo must Not Go On

Tonight I enjoyed facilitating the Monthly ‘Game Changers’ event at Victoria University, MetroWest. The theme was ‘The Show Must (not) Go On’ and it invited artists to creatively unpack dimensions of the #MeToo movement in the arts industry, a year on from the issue taking shape globally. Background: “A sinister phase of this #MeToo movement has been identified by the New York Times, coined the “not so fast” era, which indicates the attempted comeback of [...]

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Indonesian Counterparts in Leadership

I was honoured to meet with an Indonesian Leadership delegation via #deakinuniversity today. These Senior Multi-Faith Women Leaders were in Melbourne as part of a broader national tour. I conducted an overview on the work of #AMWCHR, the challenges of Islamophobia & the struggle for diverse women leaders within patriarchal societies. There were some amazing thought leaders in this cohort from Muslim, Buddhist and Christian communities- the questions were incisive and plentiful. Thank you, Deakin, [...]

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Communicating for a Better World

Today I participated in a panel on ‘Communicating for a Better World’ as part of the ‘Fusion 2018 Conference for the International Association for Business Communicators. My co panelists included Communications Expert, Jane Kneebone from Diabetes Victoria and Kristie Christy, President IABC, Malaysia- two phenomenal communicators in their own right! The session was brilliantly facilitated by Jacquie O’Brien, Director of Public Affairs at Marie Stopes. Jacquie sustained the panel momentum seamlessly around many issues, including: [...]

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Bishop, the Boys Club & Barriers Beyond

My piece this week on taking a knee, white feminism and barriers beyond boys clubs. “..when the sisterhood of white feminism steps up to champion diversity but refuses to see discrimination as intersectional the momentum for people of colour - and women of colour in particular - is silenced.” https://www.sbs.com.au/topics/life/culture/article/2018/09/07/if-julie-bishop-finds-boys-club-hard-what-hope-do-rest-us-have

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Can a child consent to the practice of religious beliefs?

SBS Interview 3rd September, 2018 https://www.sbs.com.au/news/audiotrack/can-child-consent-practice-religious-beliefs A recent case in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal highlights community concerns over duty of care, consent and religious tolerance and comes as the new Morrison government is urged to release the findings of the Ruddock Review of religious freedom I spoke to this issue from the perspective of freedom of religious expression in a pluralist society- and the cost of policing those freedoms.

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