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Gala Dinner for Arts Sake

Congratulations to the Islamic Museum Of Australia on a spectacular Gala last night. The work you put it is an asset to the cultural landscape of this country. So many reasons to support this institution - may you grow from strength to strength enriching us through art, history and discovery. Visit them at https://www.islamicmuseum.org.au/ to pledge your support and see why this place is such a big deal ! And if you haven't visited yet [...]

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From the Royals to Rami Malek…the week in News Therapy

Tonight on News therapy for @abcinmelbourne , with #RaffEpstein & Steve Carey (NewsFlash), we covered: the Royals in town (meh); Leadership ‘foxing’ re the Wentworth by-election; State election one-upmanship on the fastest super rail from Melbourne to the moon 🙄; the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi as told by his fiancé, Hatice Cengiz; the bio-epic film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and my Zanzibari link to Freddie Mercury that trumped Raff’s interview with Rami Malek (👊🏽), plus quirky bookstores [...]

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A Sporting Tribute to a Human Rights Salute

At the launch of ‘I’ll Stand With You’ - a short film directed by Matt Norman and co-produced by Nova Peris OAM OLY This film was made to highlight why racism has no place in sport or society. It celebrated the spirit of standing together by calling out hate and I commend it to educators and parents especially, for the straight shooting craft and messaging that speaks to young people so effectively. It preceded a [...]

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I’ll Stand With You, Peter Norman

At the PeterNorman Memorial, ‘I’ll Stand with You’ to commemorate 50 years since his iconic salute to universal human rights. Along with two of Peter’s children, I spoke after some amazing speakers including Rob Decastella, Tommy Smith (pre recorded), Lidia Thorpe MP, Rob Starry, Andrew Leigh (pre recorded) and Jay Lark. There was much acknowledgement for Peters silent salute in solidarity with Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who in Mexico City in 1948 took to [...]

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Leading Change Thanks to Joan

Emceeing tonight’s #VICforwomen launch of the Joan Kirner Young & Emerging Leaders Program for 27 sensational inductees. Their skill set collectively canvassed dimensions of education, women’s health, environment, Aboriginal & Torres Strait island communities, CALD communities and the western suburbs of Melbourne. Congratulations on entering this program developed to nurture networking, mentoring and leadership talent through a structured program premised on furthering gender equality. The Victorian government’s Office of Women and Leadership Victoria are to [...]

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COAG Summit to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children

Attended the 4th COAG Summit to Reduce ViolenceAgainst Women & Children, held in Adelaide. Pictured here with Natasha Stott-Despoja, event emcee and women’s rights campaigner. Delegates from across the Nation took this opportunity to table issues they feel need to be embedded in a government response for future action . I addressed the need for increased resource allocation to CALD service operations which continue to have to struggle for funding competing with a suite of [...]

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ModMarkit hits the Mark

Last nights #modmarkit fashion parade in Melbourne, ticked all the boxes- from concept and content to setup and execution. It was a stellar salute to modest fashion labels/designers across the country, featuring exquisite designs, styles and moods- from the elegant to subversive; a brilliant meld. Congratulations   to all involved, including Zulfiye Tufa, for identifying this niche and bringing it to bear so beautifully. Lastly, massive kudos to the models- showcasing a range of body shapes, [...]

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The Future is Fiercely Female

Tonight I spoke to a group of young women and girls from the #YouthActivatingYouth. I shared my story of migration to Australia, traversing a hyphenated identity, obstacles in my career, observations about opportunity for growth and hope. In all, these brilliant and determined young women inspired my belief in a future for this society replete with diverse and forward thinking global citizens. Confident and capable, the future IS female !

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The Reports Of Sarah & Saleem

Tonight in Sydney's Darling Harbour , I watched ‘The Reports Of Sarah & Saleem’ at the Palestinian Film Festival. The film was an engaging human interest story about an illicit affair, exploring the cultural, personal and political ramifications. My takeaway from this film was the unwavering ferocity of the Palestinian wife, fighting patriarchy, racism and classism in a system designed to silence her voice. The messaging was clear. Such a thought provoking film that centred [...]

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